Wednesday, October 22, 2014

NBLCNET Sit Down With Carlos Knox

London Lightning Head Coach, Carlos Knox

In the latest installment of our coaches series, NBLCNET chatted with with London Lightning head coach Carlos Knox about their recent public intra-squad game, local talent and his coaching style.

Talk a bit about that intra-squad you guys had this week?
"It was good to finally good to get out of the practice set, where we're just going against each other. I think it was a game atmosphere and I think they performed well under the conditions. Having six guys on each team, playing 12 minute quarters, that's tough."

Anyone who stood out to you?
"Well I like Stephan McDowell at the point, and John Hart - he really stood out as far as helping his chances for making this team. I like Elvin Mims, and Maurice Bolden is good. Those guys are veterans and they have been around so we expect good things from them."

You have a lot of returning players, describe that dynamic?
"I love veterans, I love veterans because they know how to play the game and have very high basketball IQ's. It's just up to us to let them understand the concepts of what we're doing, but I think they help out tremendously."

What kind of coaching style do you have? What's the way you wanna play the game?
"Our thing is transition. We like to get up and down the floor, score points in bunches. And on the other end, make sure we defend as a unit, no individual defence. We're doing a great job at picking up the concept, but I think we can work a bit more to perfect it."

You have have recently signed a London guy, Enrico Di Loreto, to the franchise. What stood out about him?
"I'll tell you what, that kid comes to work every single day. He's picking up on things well, he has a high basketball IQ. He shows he can really shoot the ball, stay poised and under control. I felt like he was a valuable asset to the whole team, from a point guard and a two guard standpoint."