Thursday, October 09, 2014

NBLCNET Sit Down With Kyle Julius

Mississauga Power Head Coach, Kyle Julius
As a part of a new series on NBLCNET, we sit down with head coaches around the NBLC to talk about the preseason, what they expect in the coming year, and whatever else. Here's the first interview with Mississauga Power Head Coach, Kyle Julius. For more background on Kyle, check out his profile here.

Explain how training camp has been? How far along are you in the process?
"It has been good. We've had about three weeks of evaluating guys - some guys that are local, others that have come in. From that and our research, we've put together 17 guys that we've had in as of Monday. However, we're not even close to being finished. If this was a 20 hour car ride, we're about an hour-and-a-half in."

Jordan Weidner is in camp. You took him first overall in the draft this past season, how has he turned out?
"He is everything I hoped he'd be, I'm more than thrilled with this kid. I drafted him, even though it was a surprise for most of the people there [at the draft], because of his approach to the game, his leadership ability and his skill set. He looked like he loved playing the game more than anything, and those are the kinda guys we want to put on the floor. I don't expect Jordan to come in and put up 20 points a game, he's a guy who I expect to come in and make everyone better.

You guys are not short in the guard position either, obviously having a Canadian in Alex Johnson on your team as well.
"Yeah we have two Canadian guards in Alex and Tut Ruach. They are leaders and they really try to be better everyday. The way we approach the daily grind is all about development, and these guys are getting better. They understand their position and want to get better, so they are fun to coach."

Many people don't realize that you yourself played in the NBLC with the London Lightning. Explain that situation?
"Well they needed a shooter, and their GM [Taylor Brown] was a good friend of mine. I came in, played four games - I got to go out east and play a game, so it was cool to really see the league that way."

How has the league changed since then?
"I think now it's less of an experiment, as guys come in for the quality life - especially compared to some of the wacky places that players can play in overseas. The quality of player is better and I think since the quality is improving, you'll start to see more Canadians stick around."