Sunday, November 23, 2014

Game Day -- November 23rd, 2014

Six teams hit the floor this Sunday afternoon in NBL action, one game in the Central Division with the other two in the Atlantic Division.

London vs. Windsor

The battle of the 401 continues as the London Lightning play the Windsor Express for the third time this season. The first two games were split with only a point or two determining the win/loss. Last games win, courtesy of Quinnel Brown's jumper with 6 seconds to spare, pushed Windsor's record to 4-1, while London slipped to 5-2. The Express now hold the top spot in their division.

Watch the Express as they push to get a 5-1 record over the Lightning. Tip-off time is 2 p.m. at the Budweiser Gardens.

Check out the live-stream here.

Saint John vs. Island

The Island Storm continue their road games, number six of seven,  as they head to Saint John's to take on the Mill Rats. The Storm are looking to clinch their second win on the road after a thriller overtime win against the Moncton Miracles, 112-117. Coach Salerno, shuffled the deck again by releasing guard Johnny Mayhane and signing forward Billy Rush.

The Storm sit with a 2-4 record and are looking to push it to 3-4, while the Mill Rats sit 3-3 on the season. Aquille Carr will sit this game out as the NBL Canada handed down a one game suspension to Carr for this actions in Mississauga.

Tip-off time is 2 p.m. at Harbour Station.

Moncton at Halifax

The second game in the Atlantic Division takes place between the The Moncton Miracles and Halifax Rainmen. The Miracles had three days to lick their wounds after losing to the Island Storm, the Miracles were without Trayvon Lathan last game who was out due to an injury. The Rainmen have had a week to rest in preparation for this afternoon's game, after losing their last game to the Mill Rats.

The Miracles are 1-3 on the season and one spot ahead of the Island Storm in standings, while the Rainmen are 2-2 and slide in at second place, under the Saint John Mill Rats.

Tip-off time is 2 p.m. at the Moncton Coliseum.