Saturday, November 08, 2014

Gameday -- November 8th, 2014

There are four National Basketball League of Canada clubs in action on Saturday, with two division rivalries on-tap.


6:00PM AST

In the Atlantic Divison, the 0-1 Halifax Rainmen will be in-tough against a fresh Island Storm side, who opened their 2014-15 account with a 108-102 win over Saint John Thursday. Meantime the Rainmen will be playing their second game in as many nights, and first on the road, after losing to Moncton by a score of 117-113 last night. The Storm will be headed off to Saint John tomorrow for a game against the Rainmen.


7:00PM EST

Out in Ontario, two undefeated teams will face off at the Hershey Centre. The Mississauga Power are 1-0 thanks to their massive 111-97 win over Brampton last weekend. Mississauga's comfortable schedule will continue after this game, as they don't play again until Thursday. London - who have had a week to recoup from their overtime thriller against Windsor - will be in action tomorrow when they host Brampton at 2 p.m.