Sunday, November 02, 2014

Top Canadian high school talent feature on NBL Canada opening night

Orangeville Prep vs. D'Youville Panthers showcased potential future NBL Canada stars.
 In an appetizer before the main course of Brampton A's vs. Mississauga Power NBL Canada action last night, Orangeville Prep defeated d'Youville Panthers 73-52 in a showcase of young stars.

Orangeville had the much bigger and athletic squad, looking to push the ball and score in transition at every opportunity.

They also put an assaults on the rim. Its two standouts being the Maker brothers, Thon (#14) and Matur (#5).

Thon (left) and Matur (right) Maker are two players to keep an eye on.

Matur Maker rising high with a slam dunk!
 The two even trying to hook up with some some big-to-big passing.

What the Panthers lacked in size they made up for in defensive intensity, forcing Orangeville into loose passes and unforced errors that kept the score close. The play of guards Christien Gould and Desmond Kwabiah standing out, as they only trailed by two at the break 30-28.

However an early run in the third quarter sealed the game for Orangeville Prep. Pulling away on the strength of its backcourt, a combination of tough defence from Jamal Murray and timely shooting from Jalen Poyser.

Things got a little testy at times, with Murray and d'Youville's Keshon Montague having a particularly intense 1-on-1 battle.

d'Youville Keshon Montague (white) and Orangeville Prep Jamal Murry (red) going toe-to-toe

Overall it was a great showcase of what the next generation of Canadian basketball talent has to offer.

Who knows? You might be seeing some of these kids grace NBL Canada courts in the near future.