Wednesday, December 02, 2015

NBLC Announce New Drug, Dress Code, Sportsmanship & Player Movement Polices

National Basketball League of Canada's office sent out a press release Wednesday outlining new drug, dress code, player movement and sportsmanship policies.

League officials say they will be cracking down on a number of existing polices through better enforcement.

The release can be read at the bottom of the post. Here's a breakdown:
- League adds new specific drug policy with testing and "consequences" for failing to meet new standards
- League to enforce dress code that had already been in effect
- Coaches and players back-talking to referees will be scrutinized. Coaches will be required to stay in their "coaching boxes"
- Teams will be required to partake in a "handshake line" after games
- New rules would limit the physicality of the game. Biggest change coming with the "5 second back down rule" which would only allow players below the free throw line to hold possession for five seconds without shooting or passing
- Teams can now only make eight player moves, which is down from 10 the year before. 
- The league's final transaction day will take place 45 days before the end of the season (April 15) as opposed to just two weeks prior in years past.


The National Basketball League of Canada's Board of Governors ruled unanimously on several new policies and gave authority to the Commissioner to enforce existing ones that will inherently improve the league

The league has added a strict and specific drug policy, complete with testing and consequences for failing to meet the standards.  The purpose is to insure that all of the young men that represent our teams & our community are being good role models & positive contributors to the markets where they live as well as the league globally.

The league will be enforcing the dress code that has been in place since day one of the league.  The players will look professional on and off the court.  The injured or non-dressed players will be dressed in business casual attire during the games.  No hats, hoodies, sweat suites, head phones or cell phones on the bench.
 The league is cracking down on poor sportsmanship by all participants.  Coaches will be required to stay in their "coaching boxes" and speak in respectful terms to the referees.  Players will have limited dialogue with refs during the game and will be respectful publicly after games including conversation and posts on social media.  Players will participate in the post game "hand shake line" with the other team in a cordial & professional manner.  Technicals will carry fines and multiple offenders will bring game suspensions.

The league has changed some rules to make the game easier to ref as well as cut down on the physical play.  The most notable change is the "5 second back down rule".  When a player is below the free throw line, he will only have 5 seconds to have the ball without shooting or passing it, thus cutting back on the constant banging that has taken place historically between the offense & defensive players.
Lastly the league has listened to the fans with regards to concerns over the amount of player movement that occurs each year on teams.  The fans want to get to know & love their players, so in an effort to improve that the league has adjusted the "player movement policy".  Teams are now allowed to make 8 player moves versus 10 in previous years.  Players have to play in 6 games to be eligible for playoffs vs 4 in previous years. The final transaction day for trades &/or moves of the season is now April 15 which is 45 days prior to the end of the season, the old rule was just 14 days. This will give teams stability and fans a chance to really get to know their "hometown team". 
In order to communicate this to the players of the league the Commissioner will be attending every training camp and stressing the new rules & points of emphasis to the players, coaches and executives.