Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Q&A: Tydran Beaty

Q&A: Tydran Beaty
NBLCNET's Jake Beckett caught up with Miracles rookie forward Tydran Beaty for a quick interview earlier this month. In the sit-down, the South Carolina native and Benedict College alumni talks about his experience in Canada, his thoughts on the NBLC, his career goals, and the potential of his Moncton Miracles.  

By Jake Beckett

Despite its ups and downs, the 2015-2016 season has been successful for rookie Tydran Beaty. He's the second-leading scorer on the team with one of the league's hottest offenses and the 6-7 forward is showing a multi-dimensional skill level. Through 26 games, Beaty is posting averages of 15.2 points, 6.3 rebounds, and 1.3 assists. While his team currently sits third in the Atlantic Division standings, no team has had an easy go at facing the Miracles. After last season, no one would have pegged the Miracles to make this noise this season. 

While James Justice continues to be the go-to guy for the Miracles this season, the athletic and talented play of Beaty has played a major role in the team's resurgence out east. Tydran has paid his dues and has done everything to put himself and his Miracles in a position to win. After three games in three nights, the South Carolina native managed to spare some time to talk with NBLCNET about his season and his thoughts on the league.

NBLCNET: What are your thoughts on the National Basketball League of Canada?

Tydran Beaty: Well, this is my rookie season so this is the first league that I have played in professionally. But for me, I feel like it is a very credible league. The pay may not be what most expect but as far as the atmosphere and the competition level it's pretty good. The fact that games are streamed live is a big thing as well because that gives the world access to your games.

NBLCNET: Since graduating in 2013 and being signed to your first pro contract with the Miracles this season, where has your career taken you?

TB: Well I came out of college and signed with the World Famous Harlem Globetrotters. I did that for the past two years before I came to the NBLC.

NBLCNET: What are your thoughts on Canada and the city of Moncton? Is this your first time in Canada?

TB: Well I've been to Canada before with the globetrotters and the feel I got from the time then I already knew I enjoyed Canada. Moncton is very cool, though. They are so friendly and it has a real family feel to it. They take care of us here, I will say that.

NBLCNET: Between practice, games and training, what do you do with your free time?

TB: I cook a lot. I stay in the gym. I watch Netflix. I watch a lot of film. I watch NBA TV. I do a lot of writing.

NBLCNET: How far do you feel this Miracles team can go?

TB: I feel like this team can win a championship! We definitely have the pieces to get the job done. We are improving by the day and that's gonna be scary once playoff time comes around. I'm excited for the journey and what's to come in the coming days.

NBLCNET: Your team has flirted with being a contender all season, what do you think they need to put them over the top?

TB: We have everything we need. We just have to continue to improve, continue to learn and just tighten up our defense a bit and we will be good

NBLCNET: You're second on the team in scoring, what else do you bring to this Miracles team?

TB: I would have to say I definitely bring energy. I enjoy feeding off my teammates vice-versa. I bring athleticism for sure, rebounding presence, scoring, and defense. I am also a good teammate.

NBLCNET: You're just starting out, as far as your career goes, what are some of your goals?

TB: My career goals are to win a championship, continue to climb the ladder in my basketball career, take care of my family, and just be the best man I can be.

NBLCNET: What's the next step in your career?

TB: The next step would just to progress. Just feed off of what I've been doing this year and just keep being consistent and let God take over the wheel. No limitations.

NBLCNET: Growing up, who shaped your game, was there a specific player, person or a coach that made a lasting impact on the player you are today?

TB: I would have to say my parents had a lot of influence being that they literally been there since the beginning not to mention they coached me in AAU. But I would also have to say my friends that play professional basketball from South Carolina. The time I had with them and the work we put in really helped a lot.

NBLCNET: As a player, you have a multi-dimensional style of play.  Is there an NBA player your style mimics?

TB: An NBA player I would compare me to would have to be Andre Iguodala.

NBLCNET: Final question Tydran; With more than half of the season in the books, what are your goals for the last stretch of the season?

TB: My goals for the rest of the season are to win a championship, play at a high level. Continue to improve each aspect of my game and just win!