Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Week That Was -- March 15, 2016

(Photo: London Free Press)

An Alternate Take

By Chris Croucher

Recently, my fellow NBLCNET writer and Lightning broadcast partner Marty Thompson wrote an op--ed about the state of NBL Canada's media properties, and naturally there were those who disagreed. While reading and hearing some the various opinions out there on the subject, I felt it was important for someone to take the article and to put it into perspective.

My personal take is that the article was negative but fair. In all honesty, I have known the article was coming and had read it over before it was posted. Since when was any league, business, decision, or even individual exempt from criticism? What is important to remember is that it made note of the positives of the league as a whole. The article wasn't made to cast the entire league in a bad light, and even praises the league for better game-day coverage and improved content from the individual teams.

What I felt readers missed from the article is the reason an article like this would be written. Just because someone criticizes the league does not mean that they don't care, or are just trying to bash the league. Marty has been a part of the London Lightning broadcasts for nearly four years, and well before I joined the team. He's watched teams like the Brampton A's go from a fledgling expansion team into a success story. A majority of this time has been spent as a volunteer. It is pretty clear that he wants the league to grow and succeed, and has put in a lot of his own time to do so.

Finally, the article was not a criticism of the league's coverage from other media outlets. The coverage from local outlets, especially out East, has been great, and this has even been one of the best years for the league in that regard. Also, many people work their tails off trying to help the league's media. Audley "The Audman" Stephenson travels all over Canada trying to grow the league as both an ambassador and league personality. Dave King has done an incredible job with the "NBL Canada Fans" page that might as well be the official page at this point. All of the various broadcast teams put in countless hours doing prep, running a camera, usually for free, to put on the best show possible for fans.

The point of the article is that the way the league covers itself has grown stagnant, and how that appearance could affect how other media outlets view the league as they research it. For example, as I'm writing this article, the league's YouTube channel features the now defunct Halifax Rainmen YouTube page and the page that was formerly handled by the Mississauga Power, now re-named ACE Sports and Entertainment, both listed as "NBL Canada Teams". What does that say to a potential media outlet that the league can't keep track of its own teams, especially considering the league's home page on its own website is covered almost entirely in its YouTube videos?

Kind of small here, but you can see the logos of teams that shouldn't be there on the right, as well as the time stamp in the top right.
Again, personally, I want the league's shield to mean something when it gets put on a channel or page. If a page or channel is going to have the league's logo on it, I don't want to see that page riddled with mistakes. The league is making strides, but those strides have been getting smaller and smaller by the year. I am so incredibly proud to have been a part of this league for many years, but that doesn't mean I'm willing to ignore a problem area that needs work.

Marty takes this league seriously. The Commissioner takes this league seriously. The fans take this league seriously. We are all on the same side in this argument, if you can even call it that. All that is asked is that the league's media properties take the league as seriously as we do.


G- Sammy Zeglinski (Niagara)
- 15 ppg, 8 apg, 5 rpg, great all around performance for the River Lion.

G- Justin Johnson (Halifax)
- 27 ppg in some very important divisional games for the Hurricanes.

F- Morgan Lewis (Island)
- 21 points on 7-8 shooting in a huge statement game for the Storm.

F- Chris Commons (Windsor)
- Had two huge performances, and averaged 24 ppg over the week.

C- Logan Stutz (Niagara)
- Not really a centre, but huge week warrants the spot. 18 ppg and 6 rpg.


- March 9th: WIN @ NIA, MON @ HAL
- March 10th: SJ @ HFX
- March 11th: LDN @ NIA, WIN @ ORG
- March 12th: NIA @ ORG
- March 13th: ORG @ WIN, ISL @ SJ


- March 6th: Released Joseph Bertrand. Signed and activated Brandon Bowdry.
- March 10th: Traded the rights to Tyrone Watson to the Orangeville A's for cash considerations.
- March 11th: Traded Anthony Criswell to London Lightning for the rights to Kevin Loiselle. Signed and activated Kevin Loiselle and Cameron Bennerman. Released Negus Webster-Chan.

- March 9th: Placed Terry Thomas on injured reserve (sprained thumb).

- March 11th: Traded the rights to Kevin Loiselle to Halifax Hurricanes for Anthony Criswell. Place Stephen Maxwell (concussion) on injured reserve. Signed and activated Anthony Criswell.

- No transactions

- March 8th: Signed and activated Samuel Meldrow. Released Billy Rush.

- No transactions

Saint John
- Signed and activated Olu Famutimi and Keith Gayden. Released Denny McDonald and Darren Moore.

- March 13th: Place Rudolphe Joly (back) on injured reserve. Signed and activated Billy Rush.
- March 14th: Released Eric Frederick.