Saturday, May 07, 2016

2016 NBLC Playoffs -- Divisional Semi-Finals -- May 7, 2016

Saint John 108, Moncton 97
(Saint John leads 2-1)

Both teams fought back and forth, with neither team really gaining much ground on the other, leading to a close 26-24 score after the first quarter. The Mill Rats were able to pull ahead in the second, leading by as many as ten points, but Moncton was able to battle back before the half, stealing the lead and heading to the locker room with a 51-50 lead.

Tensions boiled over early in the third, with SJ's Gabe Freeman and Moncton's Tom Granado getting into an altercation. After some notably rough play from the Miracles' big man, Freeman responded by throwing the ball at Granado, and after continuing to jaw at the Miracles bench, was ejected from the game.

The ejection seemed to spark the Mill Rats, as they managed to pull ahead 83-73 going into the fourth. After withstanding two runs by the Miracles, the Mill Rats led by as much as 12 in the final five minutes of play, securing the 108-97 victory, and putting themselves one game away from clinching the series.

Stats can be found here. These two teams will meet again in Moncton at 2pm AT tomorrow.